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Chris `Godzilla´ Doliber - MADAM X


1. So hello from Sweden! How are you doing today?

Hello from GODZILLA land! I'm Great. I finally got my cast off. As you may remember I broke my hand while smashing my bass at Sweden Rock.

2. How young were you when you first started playing an instrument and is bass your only weapon?

I was 6 years old when I got my first Guitar. That was my first instrument . I picked up the bass when I was about 14. Guitar and bass are what I enjoy the most . I taught myself to play the violin but I had no passion for it, However I'm sure if that was my instrument now, I would break them to!

3. What was your first encounter with more heavier music growing up? Was it Kiss like every other rockmusician? :)

I have 2 older brothers so they introduced me to Black Sabbath around 1970 , Also Alice Cooper then Led Zeppelin and David Bowie . Kiss came around 1977.

4. Was Madam X your first band or were there other bands before?

I had played in a few bands in high school then started playing clubs in a few bands and I joined Black Lace, Maxine and Roxy's band in 1979.

5. Was there any other bands like Madam X in the Detroit area in the 80s?

Madam X was very unique. There was nothing like us in Detroit. Or any where else for that matter . Maxine and Roxy are stand out musicians and the fact that they are girls made us very different from all the rest.

6. Detroit seems like a rough town. Did Madam X ever get in trouble looking like you did with all the hair and stageoutfits?

Yes Detroit is no walk in the park. We looked like hookers on a corner, and looked that way day and night . We looked sleazy . One night in Phoenix Arizona some punk yelled across a restaurant " It looks like 2 fags and a Bitch" so I stood up and walked over to his table and said under my breath," What did you say asshole" Then he jumped up drew back his arm and punched me in the mouth. As bad as I wanted to kick his teeth down his throat and stuff his head up his friends ass I calmly walked over to the telephone and called the police. When the police came I had him arrested for assault and battery . Hell I knew if I hit him, I would be the one going to jail.

7. Did Madam X sound like the "We Reserve The Right" album in the bands beginning as well?

Madam X early influence was Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. We were heavier than the "We Reserve The Right" record before we started recording . Our Manager Don Arden would call us into his office and say , " I want Cute , Cute, do you know what I mean by Cute? Good , Now go write me some hit's !!!

 Madam X in the 80s

8. I´ve always thought that Madam X had a more "metal" sound than the other bands from that era. Whats your opinion on that?

We were a metal band that was told to lighten up and write some hit's. Do you know what I mean by Hit's? Good , Now hurry off and go write me some.

09. What other bands were you teamed up with when you played the clubs in the 80´s?

Kix quite a bit and Twisted Sister . That's all really . We played all over America and we were headlining to sold out rooms everywhere.

10. In 84 you released your first and only album (so far) "We Reserve The Right". If there had been a second album in the 80s, what do you think that would have sounded like?

We have all the demos for the 2nd record that was to be recorded and they will be released as bonus tracks along with our new releases. The music was 80's rock heavier than "We Reserve The Right" but very solid and strong songs. A blend of Van Halen and Motley Crue . Big songs with a big 80's chorus.

11. Where did your s/m - bondage image on stage with jockstraps and other stuff come from?

Well that's just me . I dated a girl who was big in to S&M and someone at the S&M club told me about Maxine and Roxy and their group Black Lace. So when I joined the band I brought my fetish with me.

12.  Do you have any touring highlights you can share with us?

Tour, Yes. We played almost every night for a few years non stop . There are so many stories ,so many funny and so many sad it would just take to long . But okay this is the short version , Drive , Sleep , Sound check , Eat, Play , Fuck, Drive , Sleep, Sound check , Eat , Play , Fuck, Drive, Sleep.............


13. Even with 10 potential hit songs on "We Reserve The Right" there were other less talanted bands that got more fame and glory than Madam X. What are your thoughts about that and do you think Madam X didn´t get as much cred as they deserved?

On the flight home from Sweden I sat next to a singer for a band that also played Sweden Rock. He told me a story that goes like this. After recording their record they took a field trip to the plant that duplicates and prints the C.D's for the distributors. He shook hands and smiled at all the busy people printing the C.D's. After he asked his manager and label ,What was that all about? And he was told ,You know there is over 300 employees that work there . Every one of them will take a 1 hour break and go to the telephone and call MTV and request your song. Get it? He said their biggest record never even went gold. The whole fucking mess is a fake .Get it? Fake it till you make it . He said they went to # 18 then # 9 then # 3 then # 1 for 12 weeks , and it was the fucking people that print the shit that were calling to get the fucking thing played, So they can print more . Get it?

 Madam X - 2014

14. I´m sure your´re very tired and fed up of getting questions concerning Sebastian Bach so i am only gonna ask one. Is there any material recorded laying around with Bach on vocals and if so will it be released?

Yes, We talked to him about releasing it and he said he would put it on the Sebastian Bach Box set.

15. The video for "High In Highschool" is frequently played on swedish preparties. But there were also a video for the "We Reserve The Right" song. What can you tell us about that video? Wasn't it as popular as the "High In Highschool" video?

"We Reserve The Right" was shot first then "High In High School". Don Arden didn't like the final on it so they scrapped it and shot High in High School . But We reserve the right is quite fun to watch.

16. The main character in the video for "High In Highschool" is played by Peter Dinklage. How was he to work with and were you surprised to see him in Game Of Thrones?

Yes. He was an amazing ball of energy. He did a lot of big Hollywood movies . Star Wars and Dune. Stuff like that.

17. What have you been passing your time with when Madam X wasn´t active?

I have a Sound and Light company Called Energy Light and Sound. I do concert Production.

18. You recently played on Sweden Rock Festival! You might have noticed that you got a lot of swedish fans and the concert got 7/10 in Sweden Rock Magazine. Was it Madam X´s first festival gig and what did you think of the swedish crowd?

Well it was our first gig in almost 25 years. We rehearsed for 4 days in the beginning of May and then flew in to do Sweden Rock . We rehearsed for a couple hours in the hotel room and that was it.We would have loved to rehearse more bur Bret lives in Phoenix and we are in Detroit. so the 2500 miles made it a challenge.

19. You smashed a couple of your bass guitars on Sweden Rock Festival and in a clip on youtube it looks like you also smashed your nose?

I broke 4 basses and gave 1 away . I broke my hand and fucked up my elbow. My chain guitar strap let go and pissed me off . As I swung the bass over my head the chain whipped my face and that cut my mouth and gave me a bloody nose . The bass split my head open . But that's who I am and that's the way I like it ! I'm not here for a long time , Just a good time! . As for the Fans, I bled for them!! And I would do it again , and again, and again. Sweden Rock fans are some of the greatest rock and roll fans the world has ever known. Plane and simple the BEST!!!! Madam X was very pleased with the turn out.

20. Now Madam X has released a new single called "Another 80s Rock Song". Whats next for Madam X? Will there be a new album and most important, will there be any more gigs in Sweden?

Another 80's rock song is the New single . We are currently working on a new album. The album is titled Rez Erection. We will also be releasing a live album from 1991 recorded at The Roxy in Hollywood. Look for those soon and we look forward to coming back to Sweden ,Sweden Rock's!!!!!!

21. Bonus question from Rob Nasty of DANGER!

"What was your dreams and goals when you first started Madam X?
And what are your goals for the Madam X reunion?"

Hello, Thanks for the question Rob.

Okay I'm going to give it to you straight. Madam X was a vision, Maxine, Roxy and I all played together in Black Lace. At one point Roxy left to play with her brother in a jazz fusion band. Maxine and I hired another drummer and we changed the name to Madam X because there was only one female in the band. We continued to play and as we gained popularity Roxy rejoined us and later Bret came . I often read a different story but this is the real deal. We set out to be bigger, better, brighter and louder than everyone else . Before we had a record deal we toured with a Semi truck and 48 foot trailer full of concert lighting and sound. Every night it went in and came out .We tried to be as different as possible to the point of obnoxious to set our self apart from everyone else. Detroit at the time had at least 200 clubs with live bands every week. The competition was fierce. We played every week and on the occasional night off we would scope the competition to see what they were doing .We started out playing covers with the intention of being all original . It wasn't until we had Bret that our original side developed. After we gelled as a band we set our sites on readying our selves for the record industry songs like "High In High School", "Cats Got Your Tongue", "Dirty Girls" ,"Metal In My Veins" and "Stand Up And Fight" were written before we were signed. Our visual image also developed along the way " Godzilla " became more Intense, Darker and Stronger .

Where are we going? Hell if I know !

Our immediate goal is to finish the new record . After all we spent 25 years writing it. "Another 80's Rock Song" is the first release off that record. "80's Rock Song" is about how incredible the 80's were . In the 80's you could do whatever you wanted with very little consequence. As the lyric say's "drink all night till your clothes fall off ,then get up and do it again". It's a song about reliving your youth and not wanting to grow up. Some of the other tracks are a bit heavier and deeper in content. All in all, we are very proud of our new work. Also on our plate is to release our old catalog consisting of Madam X live at the Roxy in Hollywood and the old demos from our 2nd record that was never recorded due to Label and Management drama.

We are regrouping with the intention of securing an Agency for international booking and Management.

Thanks , Love ya till it hurts, GODZILLA

 Madam X - 2014
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